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Art of Personal Safety's 6 Core Disciplines

Core Discipline #3: Personal Circle of Defense

"Protecting The Source"

This core discipline is about learning and creating mental, emotional, and physical circles of defense. We use these circles to protect ourselves from mental, emotional, and physical attacks which can come at us from mental, emotional, and physical.

In a world filled with constant challenges and obstacles, it’s important to establish strong lines of defense to shield ourselves from the various mental, emotional, and physical attacks that come our way. Whether it’s a mental, emotional, or physical threat, having a solid personal circle of defense can make all the difference. By creating and nurturing our circles of defense, we equip ourselves with the necessary tools to stand strong in the face of adversity. 

Hardships and predicaments are an inevitable part of life for countless individuals across the globe. However, feelings of helplessness, submissiveness, hopelessness, despair, vulnerability, or being victimized do not align with the principles of the Art of Personal Safety. Rather, it’s about liberating ourselves from other people’s fears and insecurities by becoming self-sufficient – independent of their thoughts, words or actions. By delving deeper into the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, we can pave the way towards safeguarding ourselves from the unknown and securing our Personal Circle of Defense, no matter what the cost may be.

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Core Discipline #2: Mind Body Stretching

Core Discipline #4: Aware, Alert, Attentive (3A’s)