"It is what it is. Let things be what they are. Engage only in what is worthy of your energy."

"It is what it is. Let things be what they are. Engage only in what is worthy of your energy."

Meet Our Participants

“To the Practitioners who have made the Art of Personal Safety possible. Without you, APS would not have movement, and we know all too well that nothing happens without movement. Continue to move forward toward your goals with effortless energy while enjoying the moments as they are created. As life unfolds before you, remember to see it, create it, express it, and may your journey be filled with happiness, health, and wealth in all your years to come.”

– Art of Personal Safety

A couple of days ago was my first time learning about mindful breathing. I thought it was going to be easy but learned that my breathing is very choppy. I experienced for the first time that taking time to really concentrate on how you breath can quickly change you. Since I’ve been practicing mindful breathing for only the past two days, I feel more at ease. More confident. My mind seems to have less miscellaneous chatter. I went mountain biking with an experienced biker. I usually have very labored breathing. He keeps his pace based on how hard he hears me breathing. Yesterday he commented how much I’ve improved. My endurance and stamina practically doubled over night. The only change I made was practicing mindful breathing.

– Dan G.
[Doctor of Chiropractic/Entrepreneur/Father/”Difference Makers”/Chef]

“I was impressed, it is more about the art and how it relates to life and lifestyles. I really feel that I am more flexible and more confident about the ideas and dreams I have had in the past in regards to life, fitness, and business. I honestly feel that Kaneda is not only a great teacher but also a friend with common goals.”

– Larry B.
[Real Estate Investor/Difference Maker/ Husband/Father/Grand Father]

“I felt good and relief that I could actually talk to somebody who will understand me without judging me. It made me feel more confident that I could work on myself and grow. I have achieved the level of being more humble and realizing that not everything is a rush and that things take time. I've also benefited from working together by practicing meditation and taking time out for myself. It has put me more at ease with lessons in life. ”

– Sara B.
[Beauty School/Esthetician/Studio Owner/Entrepreneur]

“My favorite thing about working with Kaneda is that he keeps an undercurrent of balance in all areas of my training. He doesn’t focus too much on any one aspect, he is equally invested in my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He also walks me through physical and vocal exercises to encourage growth in each respective area.”

– Dominique C.
[College Student/Visual Artist/Photographer/Video Editor/Maintenance Professional]

“I keep coming back because each session builds upon the previous, and offers me what I have been seeking in my training and in my life, a sense of balance – wholeness.”

– Richard G.
[Information Technology Professional/Prior Marine/Husband/Father]

“For the first time in my life, I actually felt relaxed! Mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was NOT expecting to have such an “AHA” enlightening moment so quickly, and I was (and am) pleasantly surprised.”

– Dixie L.
[Mother/Wife/Boundary Breaker]

“I truly believe I have experienced healing and am experiencing better health every day because of what I’ve learned to this date. I look forward to learning more and becoming a better and wiser version of myself.”

– Kerry M.
[Personal Trainer/Ironman Competitor/Obstacle Course Racing Competitor/Wife/Mother]

“In summary, I have learned how to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for the various threats of everyday life. Kaneda really has been a professional and knowledgeable instructor. Each session with him builds off the last and allows you to become more proficient in the technique being taught.”

– Mike P.
[Doctor of Chiropractic/Husband/Father]

“I used to think about personal safety as something that’s super complex. But once I learned the first rule of personal safety, “If you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation, do so.” Everything past that rule was ridiculously simple. The little things matter the most, and 3A’s is the most important method of Personal Safety to me. Be Aware, Alert, and Attentive. I’ve gotten out of situations that could’ve escalated to my safety being at risk. Before I started taking the classes, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

– Lutece B.
[Entrepreneur/Model/College Student]

“During the first session, we were able to find harmony within ourselves, feel inner peace, and be present at the moment with a clear mind and devotion to learning. We learned how important it is to find balance, inner strength, and let go of everyday distractions while doing some mindful breathing that really calms you down.”

– Alexandra A.
[Wife/Model/College Student]

"I have taken several sessions with Kaneda and was very impressed with his knowledge and passion for teaching his students. Not only did I learn how to defend myself, but the classes went beyond self-defense by awakening in me the confidence to overcome not just physical battles, but an internal battle to stay focused on my goals and never give up."

– Gloria A.
[CEO/GeesPhotography3 & Design/Wife]

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