"It is what it is. Let things be what they are. Engage only in what is worthy of your energy."

The Art of Personal Safety

Meet The Participants

“To the Practitioners who have made the Art of Personal Safety possible. Without your participation, APS would not have movement, and we know all too well that nothing happens without movement. Continue to move forward toward your goals with effortless energy while enjoying the moments as they are created. As life unfolds before you, remember to see it, create it, express it, and may your journey be filled with happiness, health, and wealth in all your years to come.”

– Art of Personal Safety

I was invited to attend a two hour free session at the Art of Personal Safety’s Coaching program. It was explained to me that it would incorporate both mindfulness and yoga. I was not sure what to expect, but was excited to try something new and increase my knowledge. I had begun a yoga/mindfulness journey after I attended a yoga class in 2016. I am a special education teacher and had recently completed a 200 hour yoga program which also incorporated SEL practices to help students in the classroom.

The two hour program exceeded my expectations. Kaneda began by giving each participant an orange. We were instructed to use our senses to experience the orange in a mindful way. We then began (for lack of a better word) a meditation. We were instructed to sit or lay down and to breathe. I am not sure how long we were meditating, but I became very uncomfortable. Kaneda told another student to lay down and I remember wanting to do the same. Kaneda interacted with each participant. When he came to me, he was tapping on my Third Eye. He did that for a few minutes and I began to feel a release. I do not know what I released, but I began to silently cry. As the tears rolled down my face I began to feel a calm and a sense of weightlessness

I knew I wanted to continue my growth with the help of Kaneda. I look forward to each lesson/practice with Kaneda. Kaneda has a calming and kind demeanor. He listens, but will also weed through nonsense or excuses that I fall back on. I learn something new about Mental, Emotional, and Physical principles that I can implement into my daily life. I believe this is a lifelong practice, but Kaneda gives me the tools I need to continue my journey in sessions with him or by myself at home.

Kelly H.
[Mother, Teacher, Independent, Reserved] 

Jeanne K

I was recuperating from a fall and on top of that, I was having a health crisis! I had tried so many good things to heal my body that I overdid it and now my body was detoxing too fast. I knew I would be better in the long run but it was not pleasant in the meantime. So I sent Kaneda a long text. Texting is not really meant for long messages. Nevertheless, I sent it. The next day Kaneda called and we had a long conversation. Even though he did not know me, I related to the things he was saying and I knew that is why Kaneda came into my life. Since that first conversation, we had a couple more conversations just in time for me to practice what I learned when very serious issues happened with my family and health.

Thank you, Kaneda!

Jeanne K.
[Serenity, Understanding, Trust, Grace] 

I was introduced to Kaneda at one of his group intro classes. He spoke about interesting social life concepts. He also did energy work with each participant in our group who wanted to experience this. As I received the energy work, my left leg & arm twitched. I experienced a release of negative energy/emotions. It was a good feeling. I decided to continue seeing Kaneda. Now when I experience more energy work, I again release. I was not aware of what emotions I was releasing.

During each session, I experienced seeing quite a few different scenes & symbols. One time I saw a blue sky as I looked up from a dark cave or hole. Another time I saw white hieroglyphics, another time I experienced seeing the “Eye of God” and yet another time I saw the “Violet Flame”.

I know this is all very interesting.

Now I’m learning to do energy movements on my own.

There’s more to this story about energy work. For the past 40 years, I’ve been taking meds for chronic sinusitis. I’ve also had sinus surgery. And now, low & behold, after being with Kaneda, my daily intake of sinus meds has been cut in half & some days no meds are needed. And now I also have more energy!

I am very grateful for meeting Kaneda. The energy work is changing my life!

Linda N.
[Vivacious, Lively, Dynamic, Persistence, Derermined]

Kaneda walked into my life at the perfect time.

My name is Diane. I met Kaneda, after I posted a large Gong for sale. When he showed up with his two beautiful daughters and entered my home there was a sense of calm, peace if you will. Kaneda knew there was also another lady coming to see the Gong who had first dibs. She was late.

I was fascinated by Kaneda when he said he was raised around Buddhist teachings and spent some time as a monk. I have always wanted to learn and stay with the monks in India.

When I tried to hand the mallet for the Gong to Kaneda, he said, “No, let me hear you play.” I felt so stupid because I’ve always just beat on it having fun. I felt, I wasn’t good enough to play for a monk. But I sat down, expressed and I just play to play. I hardly played it because again I felt stupid.

The other lady finally showed up with her mother and I was like damn, I want this man to have the Gong. Anyway, they entered my home and I introduced Kaneda as a monk. He replied, “Yes, a 25 year old handsome monk.”

I snickered and thought, I like this man! He’s cool! Long story short, this lady played the Gong, loved it, her mom even loved it. I was very clear I needed it gone asap! When the lady said I want to bring someone back to co-own this, I replied, “No I really want it gone so I’m going to sell it to the handsome monk,” as he squatted, waiting patiently with his two daughters. She said, “I respect that.” I showed her a smaller Gong out of guilt which she loved but didn’t need.

Kaneda said to me, “Wait! Don’t sell this one yet. It has good energy and wants to stay with you.” He somehow knew the only reason I brought it out was over guilt from not selling her the big one. Of course she said, “You know, you could have gotten $2500.00 for the big Gong but I respect you just want your money back.”

After they left I helped Kaneda untie the Gong. He was telling me about his teachings and I knew I wanted to go but had some conflict because my life was in total chaos at this time and I needed to save my money but also desperately need help.

Kaneda kept saying if I choose to take you on as a student, inside my head I already knew I was his student. He stayed in touch over the next few days. I am so grateful he did as I was so lost in my life with one thing happening after the next.

The best was when I sent him a flurry of messages, one after the next, he called and yelled, “STOP! Just stop.”

I totally needed that! I was spinning out of control. Needless to say, I am now his new student and my life is a little more happy and has a purpose. I know I have a long road in front of me and everything is going to be okay. Thanks to Kaneda’s calm, kind patience.

I am grateful as he came into my life at the most perfect time. I am so blessed to be a part of this man’s world and learn his teachings.

Thank you so much!

– Diane S.
[Giving, Uncompromising, Diligent, Resilient, Sturdy, Formidable]

From the moment I met Kaneda at our first introductory meeting I felt such a positive and calming energy from him. He immediately sensed things about me and was right on the money with his thoughts. As he explained the program to me further it felt like I was in the right place on my quest of self discovery. As a busy mom of two I have been dealing with many stressful issues regarding my children and constantly focusing solely on their needs. I am the type of person who always feels the need to help other’s fix their issues especially with those I love. There has been what feels like a black cloud over me and my family and it was time to find some balance in order to face any life issues that may occur. After talking with Kaneda about his approach and program I realized that I needed to put myself first and eventually things will fall into place with the proper balance and energy.
At our next session we talked more in detail about what to expect over the next 6 weeks. We worked on mindful breathing exercises which I have been incorporating into my daily life. Kaneda also did some energy and breathing work with me. It made me realize that I am so busy focusing on those around me that I’m not taking the time to truly see who I am. He is helping me realize that in order to better help my children I need to find balance within me. While I love being a wife and mother there is more to me than that and I am excited to see where this journey of self-discovery takes me.

– Tamara G.
[Fiesty, Disciplined, Compassionate, Gentle Spirit]

I enjoyed the sessions I participated in, with Master Kaneda very much, and found it very beneficial for my well-being physically, in that I noticed great improvement in my mobility. My stiffness in my joints was practically eliminated, my range of motion was much better than it had been since my miniscus tear, and found the whole experience to be uplifting. I highly recommend anyone who’s having any kind of challenge to partake in the healing modalities he has to offer. Highly recommended.  

– Veronica M.
[Steadfast, Determined, Enthusiastic]

life coaching, mindfulness, personal safety

NOW… now these are my thoughts.

Challenging, raw and honest – movement. 

In order to move forward, I need to focus inward to release trauma and built-up anger that has held on to me from my past experiences. They are still with me on this journey, they no longer serve me. I’m ready to lean into these rather than push them down so I can be released from the hold they have on me. They are heavy, I want to learn from them but they no longer get to consume me. I’m willing to do the work now. 

Just be you, look inward, not around. Appreciate energy that others share but be stable from within first.

Kaneda saw me, my blockages. I appreciate the honesty and openness I felt in the space. It was real and I needed that. 

HERE, at this moment… I will release, let go, let the energy flow. I will be kind to myself while I am learning to be.

– Alysa G.
[Resilence, Powerful, Vigilant]

When I went to Kaneda’s session I was lost, emotional, and full of frustration with everything that was going on in my life. I felt like I had no control and ran into a wall at this point in my life with no way out. When he had me sit in front of the mirror and told me to look at myself and tell him what I saw. Seeing that it was me versus me. I started crying my eyes out. I never had anyone make me self-reflect on a different level.  He understood where I was coming from.

At another session, I didn’t understand the phrase or the meaning of “opening your 3rd eye, looking into infinity, and feeling the energy that is around me,” until now. I felt a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders. Talk about being on a different level and energy. 

I look forward to my session. I should have started sooner rather than later. With his guidance and knowledge, I’m ready to take on the next challenge in life.

– Sophie C.
[Mother/Wife/Sister/Friend/Daughter/”Raging Phoenix”]


During a visit to the studio with my cousins, Kaneda says to me in passing, “You need training.” My immediate thought was, “I don’t need anything, I’m fine“—skeptical, defensive. What was he trying to get at? But I also knew there was a part of me, after having gone through a turmoil of events, that craved some kind of healing—and clearly, he sensed something in me without me even saying it. I was slightly weary about my uncle being my mentor because it felt too close for comfort, but I decided to try the first session.

The first thing he said to me when I walked in the following Thursday was, “You’re 5 minutes late,” and I laughed thinking, maybe then I wanted the family pass, but our first lesson was about accountability, something I wasn’t always the best at.

Throughout the first six weeks, everyone would ask how my training sessions would go, and I’d brush it off and say it was okay. He preaches about the 6 core disciplines, meanwhile, I was constantly wondering “When am I going to punch the bag?” I wanted to sweat out my frustrations.

But with time, I learned violence and acting out isn’t always the answer to your problems; it’s searching within. The way he teaches is more than just martial arts. More than “talking your feelings out.” More than “learning to let go.” It’s a continual practice, a way of life.

I told Kaneda I had lost a part of me—I don’t know when or where—but because of that, I tend to follow other people. “For what?” he had asked. “If you don’t even know where you’re going in life or what you want, why are you asking them for approval?

Kaneda gives the hard truth you don’t want to hear, but through that, you learn about self-sabotage and self-awareness, but most importantly, self-love. Seven weeks in, and I already feel myself becoming a new person.

Here’s to better habits and a happier lifestyle xx.

– Mulan M.
[Writer/Artist/Sister/Entrepreneur/Student/”Path” Finder]

Last week I had an introductory session with Kaneda and the Art of Personal Safety. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I got was a lot of time spent solely on me, how I was feeling, what my perceptions are, and how to look at a situation from a different point of view. I didn’t know I needed that, but turns out I did! Since I spend a good amount of time on myself with self-care (yoga, meditation, gratitude), I was pretty confident I was doing “all the things” needed to settle my being. What I found out was that even with all my effort of “being present,” I still managed to give too much thought to my past, and to the future, and even found myself projecting what the future might hold. Kaneda has a unique way of asking you a seemingly innocuous question that makes you deeply contemplate the answer.

I’m thankful to him for “encouraging” me to make a move that I was contemplating, but may have taken me much longer to do without his urging – and the result was joyous! He even followed up with me later that evening to ask what the outcome was.

Take a chance and give it a go with Kaneda. He will surprise you, calm you, test you, and push you – all in the gentlest of ways.

– Cindy S.
[Chief Marketing Officer/ Certified Clinical Thermographer/Open Eye Communications/Tower Road Microgreens/Illinois Thermography]

male pole vaulting

If I were to describe my first experience at APS with a theme, it would be “letting go“. One instance of this was the part of the lesson where I took a bite of an apple and I was asked to describe what I was feeling while I ate. It started with me giving the obvious answer of “it tastes like an apple” to me describing the feelings that I associated with the flavor, textures, and all sorts of variables. It gradually went from “this tastes like an apple” to “this is the best apple I’ve ever had” not because it truly was the best, but because I had to let go of all my other thoughts and distractions in order to fully appreciate the experience the apple was giving me.

Kaneda explained that most if not all things in life apply well to this. What I’ve retained is that things aren’t always as they seem. He said (in a sense) that we all allow our emotions to control our perceptions. This is good news, however, because we are capable of controlling our emotions/focus.

For example, if a child scrapes his knee and as a result, complains, looks at, picks, and focuses on the pain, then all he will feel is that pain. On the contrary, if that same child scrapes his knee and doesn’t notice the wound because they’re having too much fun to care for, then the child will feel no pain, and allows the healing process to take place.

– Arnie G.
[Pole Vault Athlete/College Student/Explorer of Mindfulness /Intellectually Resilient/Son/Brother]

I felt the heat and also had self-realization moments. While I was aware that the mind wanders often and over-analyzes often, it was good to start observing this as well.

One of the exercises that was done became a meditation for me. I had more “ah-ha” moments that I had known but ‘forgotten.” I remembered and felt that no matter all of the difficulties on the outside that may be perceived, we have the choice to choose inner peace. There were many simple lessons in that one simple exercise. We can allow outside external forces to weigh us down, but we can choose another outcome. And what will you choose? No matter how difficult the outside struggle may seem to be I choose myself. I choose inner peace. This was a great reminder that I have all the strength I need on the inside. And at the same time, it is ok if we (I) forget it, after all this is a human experience learning to integrate. And even as I write this, it is knowledge, which comes from the mind, which I am aware of as well.

I hold a lot of fear, or maybe not fear, but similar in vibration in my third eye. Maybe not trusting, maybe a combination of a lot. During the healing session, I felt some sadness around my third eye. I actually still feel like I’m purging these emotions as we speak, which is a good thing. Healing is always ongoing, and growing is always ongoing, and never-ending because it’s only expansion. I feel lighter as well. There is this “weight” I feel is my burden to carry, but it is not mine, and I am not sure why I have made it mine to carry. And the feeling of being “wrong” and possibly steering someone else down a wrong path is frightening, so I closed off areas of myself, somehow not trusting.

These were all emotions and awareness that came up. I began to feel healing energy move from my crown to my feet and my cells almost felt vibrating. I noticed my mind trying to wander but was easily refocused internally. I felt heat and warmth, and peace.

– Tracy B.
[Family Nurse Practitioner/Holistic Health Practitioner/Quantum Nutrition Testing Practitioner/”Energy” Healer]

I began my journey in 2021, however after my 4th session with Kaneda, I walked away. I had experienced 11 losses between 2020 and 2021, including the loss of my father, 2 days before my birthday. I was not mentally or emotionally ready for what Kaneda coached and had not hit rock bottom to appreciate the energy I have nor how to use it to heal and create a new me.

In Early 2023, I hit rock bottom. I had 2 cancer scares, and announced to my manager and colleagues, I have ADHD and nearly lost my job of 11 yrs, due to life falling apart. Rick, another student, and coworker, magically appeared, which led to reconnecting with Kanada and restarting the journey, and continuing as a pacifist.

What’s changed, I am learning to make sacrifices, be vulnerable facing all my fears and be present. I also shared with Kaneda, when I hyperfocus, I can feel energy from people, lights, feel vibrations and feel a building sway. I have had these sensations for decades, never told anyone, and coped silently. Having shared with Kaneda, I have unburdened and accepted the gift.

My goal is to continue to “BE” and learn how to use energy and navigate it to where it can do most good, be calm, not worry and let go.

– Arvind N.
[Principal Business Analyst/Influencer/Mentor/Pathfinder/”Energy” Seeker]

woman portrait

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

After years of trying to manage my own life stresses, emotional pain from past relationships, and trying to keep up with everyone else… my goal in life was to be excepted but ended up feeling that I am not enough. I have always looked outwards and felt less and less hopeful.

It was not until I ran into Kaneda at a store that he mentioned that he helps people through mental, emotional, and physical issues. We have known each other for years through his sister, a good friend of mine.

After a few months went by, my friend reached out to me to invite me to her brother’s sessions I came to check it out and it’s nothing like I have ever experienced! Kaneda’s teachings are much more thorough and enlightening with just one session! After 5 sessions, I feel much more at peace with myself. I have released 7 pounds during that time. I felt those were 7 pounds of past pain that I kept that no longer served me.

If you are still on the fence but curious like I was, take a free session. Kaneda’s teachings could help involve into your authentic self. His knowledge is truly powerful and healing.

– Liddie N.
[Fee Manager/Daughter/ Sister/ Auntie/Self-Cultivator/”Healer of Souls”]

man portrait

The reason I reached out to Kaneda was that I wanted to change. I knew there was a missing piece to the lifestyle that I was living. With my first session with Kaneda, I could tell this was someone I would like to get knowledge from. The environment that is created during our session truly makes me feel listened to and respected. I have always been one to hold in my emotions until it just comes out, however, with Kaneda there’s a feeling that he’ll never judge.

He has helped me be able to turn my emotions into words and it might not sound like much, but it had truly lifted some weight off my shoulders. Although I am very excited about the physical portion of our training, I will be forever grateful for the deep breathing exercises to help calm me down.

In our previous session, we talked about our Personal Circle of Defense and how to protect ourselves from Mental, Emotional, and Physical attacks. That session turned a light on in my head. It made me realize that some of the situations I was in were because I gave priority to others and their wants and needs above my own. One of my daily practices I like doing is cold showers. The reason I like doing the cold showers is that it has helped me with my recovery for me, and I feel like it makes me a little bit better than who I was the day before.

– Eli S.
[College Student/Reserved & Nobel Character/Disciplined/A “Bull Dog” Competitor]

It’s Saturday morning and I am in my car waiting with excitement for my first 2-hour Art of Personal Safety session. As I waited I started thinking and reflecting back to my chance meeting with Kaneda last week at Barnes and Noble.

It was last Friday afternoon as I stepped out of my car on the hunt to find any books on the subject of higher-frequency thinking. As am headed to the front entrance I come face to face with a black and silver Vanderhall. My first thought was, “damn that’s badass!” Its sleek look got my attention, but it was the car door that displayed the “Art of Personal Safety” that stopped me in my tracks. I grabbed my phone to search and scroll thru the site looking for answers. I walked into the bookstore and took a seat in the B&N Starbucks, as I was going thru the site minutes later Kaneda comes walking towards me. I looked up and immediately heard a voice inside me say, “that’s him!” As he was passing me by I politely stopped him in mid-stride. I said, “Excuse me brother can I ask you a question?” “Is that your car that displays Art of Personal Safety on the door?” He validated it was! So I told him I was interested in learning more about the Art of Personal Safety.

We talked for a few minutes and he told me to sign up for a free 2-hour consultation which I did minutes after our brief encounter which brings me to this first session.

Meeting with Kaneda and entering his space felt safe and inviting. We spent time talking about Mindful Breathing and also the Mental, Emotional, and Physical act of just being where I was there in the moment and experiencing the moment. All I can say is my first experience with Kaneda and the Art of Personal Safety exercises was total liberation. I felt a total rush of energy and release. I left that session with one overall message…Just BE.

I feel honored to call Kaneda my coach!!

Thanks, Brother!

– Drew R.
[Independent Documentary Film Maker/Spiritual Rebel/Amiable”Beast”/Husband/Father]

My first session with Kaneda was very uplifting and renewing. He exceeded any expectations I had within two hours. He showed me that I am strong and extremely capable of becoming anything I want in this life. He revealed more of who I was to myself through physical and vocal exercises. Those exercises made me love and appreciate myself so much more. Prior to this program, I was feeling a little lost within myself but immediately after our session, I felt more confident in who I was and all the ways I can improve myself mentally and physically. During my session he created the safest space I have ever encountered, I could tell him anything and he would respond with such care and wisdom. I have truly never met anyone like Kaneda and I am so grateful to have him as my coach throughout my journey. I have no doubt that I will reach my personal goals with Kaneda and I feel so honored to be a part of this program.

– Noelani M.
[Independent Character/Moral Strength/Unstoppable Spirit/Survivor/Sister/Daughter]

Prior to my 1st 2-hour session with Kaneda, I didn’t truly know what to expect, but I left excited to begin my journey.

We started out just simply talking, sharing thoughts and philosophies, the conversation felt like it naturally evolved. Some of the questions, although simple, made me realize how often I overthink things as opposed to just responding. He was very insightful. Some of the ideas, struggles, and goals were new to me and made me think of their effect on me, while others were very familiar, but was impactful to hear someone articulate them to me.

The space was tranquil, and even though we really just met, Kaneda was easy to talk to and to open up to. It felt like talking to a friend, there was a feeling of openness and honesty. Many things he talked about really resonated with me.

We moved on to a breathing exercise, something I have heard of plenty of times, but never experienced. I was amazed at the effect it had on me. It was the calmest and most relaxed I ever recall feeling, just a sense of peace.

The physical portion was definitely interesting. Being shown how energy can be used, like what I would describe as a zero distance punch. How my reactions to an impending hit not only waste my energy but could make me vulnerable and impede my ability to defend myself. Realizing the effect your physical actions have, but also how important your thoughts and state of mind are.

By the end of the session, I felt I had a much better understanding of what would be involved in the program. I could see how it could help address some of my personal struggles. I feel this will be much more of a mental journey than I had expected and I am both excited to start and curious to see what’s ahead.

– Tim T.
[Brother/Uncle/Peaceful Warrior]

woman portrait

“The first session was exactly what I had hoped and had been searching for. It is as if all my philosophical questions now have a source of answers that make sense to me and do not confuse me with my own purpose in life. I did not take this class because I was afraid of having to protect myself. I joined this program to let go of the fear of myself and the “what if’s” as an aspiring cage fighter, Kaneda took two hours to give me the inspiration to spark a new battle within myself, all though I call it new, the chaos has been building up for 18 years with minimal outlets to allow the pent up rage to travel with learning the art of Muay Thai. I believe in 6 months I will have achieved things I couldn’t make imaginable today August 1st, 2022.

“Cheers to the years to come and the untouched power, I have within.”

As of now I am determined to win and maybe that goal will change, I just feel hope and an inner balance I have been wondering and searching for.

– Cayla F.
[College Student/Fighter/Survivor/Lone Luna Wolf]

woman portrait

When I first found The Art of 8 Limbs and The Art of Personal Safety, I thought I was looking for physical stimulation and activity. I have always been interested in Martial Arts. I was in Karate as a child and I boxed when I was a teenager, but I was never interested in competing. I am now in my late 20s, and I don’t exercise as I used to and I am the heaviest I have ever been, so I thought I was searching for a gym or a personal trainer. I was also searching for spiritual fulfillment at the same time, but I thought that were two separate paths.

While looking for a gym, I was also looking into maybe going back to school, or looking for a church to attend; but the things I am interested in learning, I can’t get a degree in and my spiritual beliefs are different, but my faith is strong, and I just couldn’t seem to find the “right” community for me to be apart of. So I thought maybe I would go to school to become a Minister. I knew I could just become an ordained Minister on the internet, and do whatever I wanted with that certificate, but I wanted to learn and be educated, and then I realized I needed a Bachelor’s Degree if I ever wanted to lead a congregation. Nothing seemed to be working out or lining up.

Nothing felt right.

Then, I just happened across Kaneda’s business card, which has very little information on it, so I scanned the barcode with my phone, which took me to his website. Before booking my consultation, I wanted to drive by the studio and see if I felt like this might be a good idea. I then felt a strong pull to book the consultation and meet Kaneda. During our consultation, I felt like I was in the presence of a great teacher, who had more to teach than just Martial Arts.

I wasn’t sure if I was good enough, or if I could afford this knowledge, but then everything started to align. Things finally started to feel right. Kaneda says, “When you let go of fear, things start to happen, and stagnant energy begins to flow. That’s when the magic happens.” I’ve been searching for my source of magic for a long time, and I believe Kaneda is helping me find it within myself because now I am ready. Things happen when they’re supposed to.

So, if you feel your intuition pulling you in a certain direction, go with the flow. You’ll find your magic.

– Michelle B.
[Massage Therapist/Innovative Healer/Entrepreneur]

man portrait

After our first session, I was energized with a positive outlook for the future.

Since I started, my improvement in core strength with better knowledge of body mechanics. Stronger sense of self-awareness of my surroundings.

I like the structured approach to self-defense while maintaining key components of the mental approach to overcome barriers to change. I have also gained insight into the importance of self-awareness and balance (both physical and mental).

I would absolutely recommend the Art of Personal Safety. I like learning at my own pace while focusing on realistic components of self-defense. Very much a real-world grounded approach to self-defense.

– Ronald R.
[Pharmacist/Steadfast Warrior/Husband/Father]

A couple of days ago was my first time learning about mindful breathing. I thought it was going to be easy but learned that my breathing is very choppy. I experienced for the first time that taking time to really concentrate on how you breathe can quickly change you.

Since I’ve been practicing mindful breathing for only the past two days, I feel more at ease. More confident. My mind seems to have less miscellaneous chatter.

I went mountain biking with an experienced biker. I usually have very labored breathing. He keeps his pace based on how hard he hears me breathing. Yesterday he commented on how much I’ve improved. My endurance and stamina practically doubled overnight. The only change I made was practicing mindful breathing.”

– Dan G.
[Doctor of Chiropractic/Entrepreneur/Father/”Difference Maker”/Chef]

I was impressed, it is more about the art and how it relates to life and lifestyles. I really feel that I am more flexible and more confident about the ideas and dreams I have had in the past in regard to life, fitness, and business. I honestly feel that Kaneda is not only a great teacher but also a friend with common goals.

And yes, I would recommend the Art of Personal Safety. I feel you can become more flexible, feel better about yourself, and be mentally secure within yourself.

I would also like to become more physical and network with like-minded individuals to spread this process powerfully.

– Larry B.
[Real Estate Investor/Unconditional Care Giver/Visionary/Husband/Father/Grand Father]

I felt good and relief that I could actually talk to somebody who will understand me without judging me. It made me feel more confident that I could work on myself and grow. I have achieved the level of being more humble and realizing that not everything is a rush and that things take time. I’ve also benefited from working together by practicing meditation and taking time out for myself. It has put me more at ease with lessons in life. 

– Lasara B.
[Beauty School/Esthetician/Studio Owner/Entrepreneur]

After our first session, I recall it was such a relief to feel reconnected to my inner emotional self. I had a safe space where I was free to express my thoughts and emotions without fear, and our energy just flowed in a positive exchange. It was exactly the environment and guidance I needed at that moment.

Since we began my sessions, I gained an increased patience level. Kaneda also reminded me that there must be emotional balance: it is so important to allow emotions to flow naturally, however, do not give them dominance over your thoughts and actions. It is important that I didn’t let my thoughts overwhelm me, but it isn’t healthy to suppress them either.

My favorite thing about working with Kaneda is that he keeps an undercurrent of balance in all areas of my training. He doesn’t focus too much on any one aspect, he is equally invested in my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He also walks me through physical and vocal exercises to encourage growth in each respective area.

– Dominique C.
[College Student/Visual Artist/Photographer/Video Editor/Expressive Creator]

I came to Kaneda seeking what could only vaguely be described as “balance.” I had gone through a rough several-year period of intense stress, mental health therapy, and feelings of hopelessness. While I began my personal road to wellness and recovery a few years ago, I wanted more.

My goal was to become more self-sufficient, self-aware, and conscious of my daily life.

By far the greatest hesitation I had was feeling as though I would not be accepted; whether I was good enough to be considered a student, and whether my thoughts on what I needed were aligned with reality. I was scared of rejection.

Since we worked together, I’ve attained an “in tune” sense of my body, a greater awareness of my current strengths and limitations, as well as an understanding that I can achieve more. I’ve become more physically active, and stronger, and have a greater sense of peace. My confidence is higher, as well as my understanding that overconfidence can lead to consequences I do not wish to experience. I’m more “grounded” in my sense of daily being.

I keep coming back because each session builds upon the previous, and offers me what I have been seeking in my training and in my life, a sense of balance – wholeness.

– Richard G.
[Information Technology Professional/Prior Marine/Husband/Father]

I will never forget how I felt after the first session. I actually learned how to breathe, shut off the noise in my head and actually relax! This was all accomplished within 10-20 minutes of deep breathing guided by Kaneda. I had never truly relaxed, it was something I longed for until that day. I’m not a stressed person at all, what I mean by this is relaxing my mind and whole physical body at the same time. This was the first and major “Ah Ha!” moment for me.

Since we had worked together, I stretch and breathe every day. I’ve already taken the time to actually work on myself mentally and physically. I’ve become relaxed, more observant, and aware of my surroundings, not allowing little things to distract me. I can last longer in physical workouts, without huffing and puffing. I used to get winded so fast and suddenly that stopped! That’s a huge accomplishment and feels great. I don’t get startled anymore, which my family has observed and loves to test me by jumping out at me, etc. I’m on a roll.! Also when that La Cross ball came flying at my friend’s head and I made her duck and caught the ball with my right hand effortlessly.

“That was amazing!”

I would absolutely recommend the services! I wish every person on the planet could learn this from Kaneda! His presence is calming, he makes people feel good about themselves and is very patient. When I would struggle to learn something simple (like the hook punch), he simply reworded how to do it and I got it instantly.

He rides the waves so well and he has a natural way of teaching and mentoring so the practitioner fully understands it. At least that’s my experience. He has infinite wisdom and shares the experience with us which makes it even more profound.

It’s an incredible journey to take with such a wonderful human being.

– Dixie L.
[Mother/Wife/Boundary Breaker]

In the middle of 2020, while training for an Ironman 70.3, I developed a serious health issue. Soon after that, I experienced a traumatic loss. I had met Kaneda a while before all of that and shared with him all that had been going on. He encouraged me to schedule a time to meet with him and I’m so glad I did.

On my first visit, we talked a bit and then I practiced mindful breathing which I had never done before and I struggled to do well. Since then I have met with Kaneda weekly and I have learned so much. My breathing is much better and my awareness of my body and mind has improved immensely.

Kaneda has already taught me many self-defense techniques and is incredibly patient and calm while he instructs me. He has also taught me how to be aware of and avoid possible dangers that may be present in everyday life (work, shopping, gym, outdoor activities…) as well as how to defend myself when necessary.

I truly believe I have experienced healing and am experiencing better health every day because of what I’ve learned to this date.

I look forward to learning more and becoming a better and wiser version of myself.

– Kerry M.
[Personal Trainer/Ironman Competitor/Obstacle Course Racing Competitor/Wife/Mother]

In summary, I have learned how to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for the various threats of everyday life. Kaneda really has been a professional and knowledgeable instructor. Each session with him builds off the last and allows you to become more proficient in the technique being taught.

– Mike P.
[Doctor of Chiropractic/Husband/Father]

Lu B.

When I first started years ago, I wanted to learn how to kick ass when the time calls for it. Just recently within 2020, I’ve been more consistent with self-care and making myself a priority in my life. Recently, I’ve gone through an abusive relationship and felt the need to make myself a priority again.

I used to think about personal safety as something that’s super complex. But once I learned the first rule of Personal Safety, “If you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation, do so.” Everything past that rule was ridiculously simple. The little things matter the most, and 3A’s are the most important method of Personal Safety to me. Be Aware, Alert, and Attentive. I’ve gotten out of situations that could’ve escalated to my safety being at risk. Before I started taking the classes, I don’t know what I would’ve done.

My goal was to become more self-sufficient, self-aware, and more conscious of my daily life.

Since our first session, I felt more empowered and grateful to experience something greater than myself which is learning more about myself and becoming more aware of things around me. I have more self-control. I’m not so quick to lash out or blow a fuse as they say. Also, I’ve experienced more peace and calm within myself.

I’ve learned to not put labels on things and to not look at things in a negative light for a positive light. It just is. It’s a bonus that I have learned how to kick ass and use my breathing to center myself.

I like that Kaneda is open-minded and a free thinker and does not judge. He is honest and trustworthy. Which is hard to find, seems like nowadays. I would recommend the services and him as a life coach. I recommend to people who actually want to learn more about themselves, find peace, relax and be more self-aware. Also to those who want to learn more about Personal Safety.

– Lutece B.
[Entrepreneur/Professional Model/College Student]


During the first session, we were able to find harmony within ourselves, feel inner peace, and be present in the moment with a clear mind and devotion to learning. We learned how important it is to find balance, inner strength, and let go of everyday distractions while doing some mindful breathing that really calms you down.

– Alexandra A.
[Wife/Model/College Student]

I have taken several sessions with Kaneda and was very impressed with his knowledge and passion for teaching his students. Not only did I learn how to defend myself, but the classes went beyond self-defense by awakening in me the confidence to overcome not just physical battles, but an internal battle to stay focused on my goals and never give up.

– Gloria A.
[CEO/GeesPhotography3 & Design/Wife]