Art of Personal Safety

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Awareness Coaching to "Personal" Self-Control

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Art of Personal Safety

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Awareness Coaching to "Personal" Self-Defense

FREE Two Hour Session

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What is APS?


Art of Personal Safety is mental, emotional, and physical awareness coaching utilizing personal self-defense as the training platform. A self-cultivation process that re-conditions the mental, and emotional well-being from the inside out. The goal is to achieve “control“, not control over other people, but “Personal” self-control over ourselves.

In order to achieve this, participants of the Art of Personal Safety will learn how to H.I.R.T (Honor their Integrity with Respect and Trust) themselves through mental, emotional, and physical awareness training. They will learn how to align their mental, emotional, and physical states. When all three are aligned the results will yield a sense of peace, balance, and the power to accept and embrace “change.” We can achieve this through our understanding and acceptance of the fact that we can only “influence” people but we cannot “change” them. The change will only occur when they choose for it to happen.


Learning and understanding the 6 Core Disciplines (Mindful Breathing, Stretching for Mind & Body, Personal Circle of Defense, 3 A’s of Personal Safety, 3 V’s of Personal Safety, 4 P’s of Personal Safety) of the Art of Personal Safety will bring about personal peace and calm which will resonate happiness, health, and wealth from within. It is a self-cultivation program that teaches us to be one with all things within our environment. Once understood we begin to let things be what they are without insisting or imposing our energy upon them. We embrace this understanding because we know how NOT to turn an anthill into a mountain. We have to accept that nothing lasts forever and we must not let the things that are “insignificant” drain us of our life energy.



The world we live in is a wonderful, beautiful place but also dangerous at the same time. It is filled with both good and dangerous people who can harm us at any time, anywhere for no real explainable reason. Bear in mind, mental and emotional attacks start way before physical contact, and physical attacks are fast, unpredictable, uncontrollable, chaotic, and can happen when we least expect them.


The Art of Personal Safety’s physical training specializes in the most direct, basic, simple, and effective self-defense techniques to get us out of unexpected situations that may be harmful mentally, emotionally, and physically. APS is about “preventative action” and believes the best defense is not to be there in the first place.


The Art of Personal Safety is not a specific style of martial arts, but carries a similar philosophy of the late Bruce Lee’s, “using no way as way, while adapting what is useful.”

Participants learn to defend against a variety of attacks and are taught to counter directly, quickly, and efficiently to the most vulnerable areas.

We sometimes refer to it as, “the Art of Common Sense.”

Participants are always encouraged to practice “preventative action” and to avoid mental, emotional, and physical confrontations at all costs (avoidance is a lot easier than most people think). But when all avoidance tactics fail, and we must fight, then we must be more aggressive than the aggressor in our defensive and offensive maneuvers. We must end the attack as quickly and aggressively as possible. Attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body, we do not want to hurt the attacker, we need to injure the attacker severely.

So, if you are wanting to learn the “Hollywood” style of fighting or personal self-defense, the Art of Personal Safety is NOT for you. In real-life violence, there are no re-takes, no scripts, no fight choreography, no actors or actresses, no stunt doubles, no rules.

The Art of Personal Safety is not about fairness, but survival. People who will attack you are not playing by society’s rules. To put it lightly, they are out to harm you, inflict permanent injury onto you, and even kill you!”

The bottom line is:

You either learn to protect yourself or not. The choice is yours.

Take Advantage of your free two-hour session to see if the Art of Personal Safety is right for you.

Benefits of Practicing the Art of Personal Safety

art of personal safety butterfly stretch

Aside from learning the most basic, simple, and effective defensive techniques to seriously injure would-be attackers, there are many health benefits to practicing the Art of Personal Safety. 

These benefits are:

  • Mindful Breathing
  • Stretching for Mind and Body
  • Body & Mind Awareness
  • Developing Self-Confidence
  • Developing Self-Respect
  • Understanding & Creating Your Personal Circle
  • Courage to Express Yourself
  • Situational Awareness
  • Preventing “Harassment” to Self & Others
  • Overcoming Fear & the “Freeze” Response
  • Mental, Emotional Balance & Calmness
  • 3 V’s of Preventing an Attack
  • Move with Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Reduces, Stress, & Anxiety
  • And Much More!

Take Advantage of your free two-hour session to see if the Art of Personal Safety is right for you.

Participant Testimonials


“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Information Technology Professional/Prior Marine/Husband/Father

Rick G.

I keep coming back to APS because I am seeing and feeling the benefits of our sessions.

Every day is challenging and offers some new obstacles, some small and some large. In very recent times I would find these obstacles, even smaller ones to be difficult to move past. Contemplating and practicing the things I have learned allows me a different perspective to work from. I find the larger challenges less challenging, and the many smaller challenges to be not challenging at all.

My practice, rehearsing what he has taught me, emulating what I have observed, trying to understand what I have seen, remembering what I forgot as well as the daily stretching with body strengthening exercises has begun to show physically on me. I’m not hurting because of age and injuries, I’m moving with a greater purpose, and a bit more grace.

I keep coming back because Kaneda has earned my trust and respect.

Growth in my art and in my life requires respect and trust; I have given it to Kaneda because he has displayed a willingness to work for it and a desire to earn it. That respect and trust are reciprocated, and I am very grateful as well as mindful to maintain it.

I keep coming back because a primal, but a very substantial part of me enjoys the physical challenge.

A long time ago I relished the physical challenges of my training and felt a sense of accomplishment. I would wake up sore and bruised but would remember why I felt that way and smile. I wandered away from my training and forgot the rewarding feeling of my muscles telling me they’ve worked.

In our last session, Kaneda told me to kick him as part of a demonstration of defense. I did, and he responded with a technique where his body “went soft.” I honestly felt like I held back and did not kick hard at all because of it. He told me to kick again, and this time he would tense up. Knowing very little, I still understood that it would hurt but did it with force. The impact brought me back to my training, back to that mindset. I stumbled a bit after striking and felt the results of it in my shin. I know I smiled, I’m pretty sure I laughed even while gritting my teeth. If he had told me to kick again, I would.

I keep coming back because each session builds upon the previous, and offers me what I have been seeking in my training and in my life, a sense of balance – wholeness.


Dixie L.

As soon as I found out about the Art of Personal Safety sessions, I was immediately interested. We live in a world of miscommunication, lies, and negativity. We have to question everything. Sometimes our own eyes even. In a place of so much uncertainty, I have found the opportunity, through the Art of Personal Safety sessions, to learn real Truth and Wisdom, and that is finding out who I really am.

Learning how to defend myself has always been important to me, and in these sessions, I not only learn how to protect myself physically, but I also learn to align myself mentally and emotionally too.

As a person who is constantly moving and always staying busy, I never took the time to relax, in fact, I can confidently say now that I had no idea how to relax! I found this out 20 minutes into my first session. I sat in the lotus position and was taught how to breathe. I learned how to quiet my mind and use my senses to observe my surroundings. For the first time in my life, I actually felt relaxed! Mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was NOT expecting to have such an “AHA” enlightening moment so quickly, and I was (and am) pleasantly surprised. I have been searching for that feeling and now I have found it. I am forever grateful for this.

Learning how to stretch and give my body the care it needs has increased my well-being and balanced my energy. Why aren’t people taught this at a young age? Our world would be a much better place if everyone knew how to take care of themselves, know themselves, turn off the noise, and just be! Not only would it be less chaotic but everyone would be healthier.

I love learning and this may be the greatest wisdom I’ve begun to obtain. In a short time, I already feel so much stronger mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as calmer and relaxed. I am aware of things that I used to tune out. I actually take the time to care for myself now and listen to my body. I look forward to re-training/re-programming old habits and continuing to learn everything I can about myself. It not only benefits me but also my family and loved ones. I look forward to continuing this journey. I feel very fortunate that I have one place I can go to work on every part of myself. A place where the Truth is found.

"Always Live in Awareness, Never in Fear."

Personal Trainer/Ironman Competitor/Obstacle Course Racing Competitor/Wife/Mother

Kerry M.

In the middle of 2020, while training for an Ironman 70.3, I developed a serious health issue. Soon after that, I experienced a traumatic loss.

I had met Kaneda a while before all of that and shared with him all that had been going on. He encouraged me to schedule a time to meet with him and I’m so glad I did. On my first visit, we talked a bit and then I practiced mindful breathing which I had never done before and I struggled to do well.

Since then I have met with Kaneda weekly and I have learned so much. My breathing is much better and my awareness of my body and mind has improved immensely.

Kaneda has already taught me many of the Art of Personal Safety techniques and is incredibly patient and calm while he instructs me. He has also taught me how to be aware of and avoid possible dangers that may be present in everyday life (work, shopping, gym, outdoor activities…) as well as how to defend myself when necessary.

I truly believe I have experienced healing and am experiencing better health every day because of what I’ve learned to this date. I look forward to learning more and becoming a better and wiser version of myself. 

"Believe Your Beliefs."

"Fearfully & Wonderfully Made College Student"

Diana D.

I fell on my ass today! I was practicing my stance so that in life when things cause me (you) to take action I (you) would be well balanced. I was not confident and how I should stand and my butt ended up on the ground. This was how I reacted without being attacked by any outside force. It became clear to me that our mind is our biggest battlefield. Additionally, you must BELIEVE that you want/need to be balanced, you want/need to be protected, and you want/need to live life knowing you are doing everything presently possible to maintain your JOY. In session #5 we also learned the 3V’s. Verbal, vocal, and visual. The words that we choose to say to get a message across are very important. One word could mean many things. These words must be calculated and meaningful for that occasion. When illustrating the 3 V’s in life, one must be clear and concise to the people that they are communicating with. The 3 V’s help in good and bad situations. People can tell that you’re having a good time by the words you use, the pitch of your voice, and your body language. Likewise, when someone has offended you or is unwelcomed they can sense the tension in the air because of the firm words that you use, the tone of your voice, and the looks that you illustrate. We live in a fast-paced diverse society. Sometimes in life, others misunderstand our messages. So again when practicing the 3 V’s act boldly so that there are not any grey areas in interactions with people. What I am learning through these sessions, is to be confident and to go at my own pace. Next week is my last lesson for this 6-week session. Surely, there will be another 6-week session because I feel like I’m just now learning to positively walk through life.

Entrepreneur, Model, and College Student

Lutece B.

I’ve learned so much about Personal Safety. I used to think about personal safety as something that’s super complex. But once I learned the first rule of personal safety, “If you can avoid a potentially dangerous situation, do so.” Everything past that rule was ridiculously simple. The little things matter the most, and 3A’s is the most important method of Personal Safety to me. Be Aware, Alert, and Attentive. I’ve gotten out of situations that could’ve escalated to my safety being at risk. Before I started taking the classes, I don’t know what I would’ve done…so I highly recommend taking this course.

GeesPhotography3 & Design/CEO/Wife

Gloria A.

I have taken several classes with this instructor and was very impressed with his knowledge and passion for teaching his students. Not only did I learn how to defend myself, but the classes went beyond self-defense by awakening in me the confidence to overcome not just physical battles, but an internal battle to stay focused on my goals and never give up.

I am very grateful to the instructor for these lessons and when you decide to take classes, you will not be disappointed.

Doctor of Chiropractic /Husband/Father

Mike P.

I started sessions in The Art of Personal Safety a few months ago. In that short amount of time, I was surprised at how much I have already learned. In summary, I have learned how to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for the various threats of everyday life. Kaneda really has been a professional and knowledgeable instructor. Each session with him builds off the last and allows you to become more proficient in the technique being taught. I plan on continuing The Art of Personal Safety with Kaneda, and highly recommend others to try it as well.



When my husband and I came to the first APS session, we were unsure of what to expect or what skills we could possibly learn. However, after getting to know Kaneda and his teaching perspective, we realized he shares valuable knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

During the first session, we were able to find harmony within ourselves, feel inner peace, and be present at the moment with a clear mind and devotion to learning. We learned how important it is to find balance, inner strength, and let go of everyday distractions while doing some mindful breathing that really calms you down. We also learned four important aspects such as mutual honor, integrity, respect, and trust.

During the session, you will learn that you are in control of your body. You get to learn that you are way stronger than you think you are. It’s not just about physical strength but also your mental strength that is even more important. We definitely recommend committing to learning mindfulness and staying on track to better yourself while acquiring new knowledge.

self-defense, art of personal safety, mindful breathing

"Become the Change You Want to See."

Information Technology Professional/Wife/Mother/

Cass S.

Kaneda is a skilled martial arts practitioner who works with you at your level and motivates you to be better.

Kaneda has been a self-defense instructor for many years. He is patient, understanding, and thoughtful with his instruction. When I didn’t think I had the skills to be successful, Kaneda provided me with encouragement to continue.

Kaneda sets high expectations for his students and will provide you with the tools to exceed them. He encourages an awareness of yourself that will benefit you in other areas of your life.

Each Art of Personal Safety session begins and ends with stretching and meditation. It grounds you at the moment and focuses the mind. The breathing exercises reduce stress levels and leave you feeling relaxed.

The Art of Personal Safety sessions offer to welcome, inclusive learning environment and are tailored to fit each student’s skill level.

The sessions taught me the importance of defining my boundaries and how to communicate those boundaries to others.

The sessions taught me skills to defend myself and reminded me to always be aware of my surroundings.

I was anxious about what to expect for my first session. Kaneda took the time to explain his philosophy and why he teaches the Art of Personal Safety. He focused on conditioning and then moved into different personal defense techniques. Kaneda’s teaching style promotes a calming atmosphere and fosters a supportive environment to learn. Each session ends with meditation which clears the mind, reduces anxiety, and refocuses your attention so that you can be present at the moment.



Art of Personal Safety is an amazing program that everyone should take part in, especially if you want to learn more about why personal safety/self-defense is important along with proper techniques that you can use to defend yourself. Even if your big or small, this program will help guide you in the right direction. Highly recommend!!!

Take Advantage of your free two-hour session and see if the Art of Personal Safety is right for you.

Explore the 6 disciplines of the Art of Personal Safety

art of personal safety breathing

1. Mindful Breathing

Breathing is Life

When we train ourselves to be mindful of our breathing, we develop a system of consciousness that resonates throughout our physical bodies.

art of personal safety stretching

2. Mind & Body Stretching

Flexibility of Life

In an environment that is unpredictable we have to develop flexibility and adaptability in our areas of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

art of personal safety circle of defense

3. Circle of Defense

Communicating Boundaries

Our Personal Circle is about respecting ourselves and other people. The ones who enter our personal boundaries are those we give our permission to.

3A of the art of personal safety

4. 3 A's of Personal Safety

Learning Mindfulness

The 3A’s of the art of personal safety is to never find or put ourselves in a situation where we cannot control.

3V of the art of personal safety

5. 3 V's of Personal Safety

Learning Behaviors

All living and non-living things make up our environment. There will always be potential dangers among us.

4P of the art of personal safety

6. 4 P's of Personal Safety

Knowledge is NOT Wisdom

Knowledge without wisdom is like intentions without action. Without physical application it’s useless.

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