Why Practice the Art of Personal Safety

why art of personal safety

Why Practice the Art of Personal Safety

Bring [Your] Life into Focus

“The Art of Fighting Without Fighting.” – Bruce Lee

Practicing self-defense within the Art of Personal Safety is to be a defensive fighter mentally, emotionally, and physically. Those who know how to fight, do not. They will avoid but MUST win when they MUST fight because they have to protect themselves and their loved ones (they are the rabbit running from the fox). They are confident and secure. They are bigger, better, smarter, and stronger mentally and emotionally. They are discipline with temperate personal core values. They are comfortable in communicating and expressing who they are without fear of what others think or say. They are in control of themselves, NOT other people or circumstances. They understand the responsibility and every action has consequences. They are solution finders.

“Take care of yourself and the rest will take care of itself.”
– Phouvang

The Goal for Practicing the Art of Personal Safety is to achieve “Personal Self-Control” mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is not all about fighting or self-defense, but survival and self-preservation. They do not fight out of necessity, fear, or the need to prove something to someone so they can satisfy their weak and pathetic egos. They know, accept, and understand preventative action as the key antidote.

“The best self-defense technique is not to be there.”