All attacks come in many different shapes and sizes. There are so many variables when it comes to our Personal Safety techniques. That is why there is NO such thing as “THE” one self-defense technique that will stop all kinds of attacks. THERE’S NO SUCH THING!

NOT all personal safety techniques are created equal!

I know and understand that attacks can happen anytime, anywhere, day or night. Attackers will not ask for your permission.

Real-life attacks are chaotic, uncontrollable, rapid, intrusive, forceful, violating, and downright frightening.

Practicing or studying the Art of Personal Safety or any martial arts style does not guarantee 100% safety. THERE’S NO SUCH THING as 100% SAFE! The techniques I used on my attacker may work for me but may not be as effective for you against your attacker. The attacker that attacked me may be small, slow, weak dumb, and drunk. Your attacker may be bigger, faster, smarter, stronger, and sober.

NOT all personal safety techniques are created equal!

We must learn to train not only the physical techniques of the self-defense moves. We must be aware of our attacker; we have to know our attacker and apply the right technique(s) at the opportune moment. Once we know ALL our Avoidance techniques have failed, we must physically defend ourselves. We must not hesitate when the time is right. We must strike without hesitation, strike hard and strike fast.

We have to prepare, practice, practice, and practice our personal safety techniques to a point where it becomes instinctual. For example, when a squirrel sees a hawk it will not stand there thinking about what it should do and/or try to talk and reason with the hawk. Instinctively, the squirrel knows that it must run or be eaten by the hawk as lunch.

We must train our minds, control our emotions, and condition our physical body and get them ready in the moment of need. Understanding that attackers can be anybody, at any place, at any time, will help us better train in the three areas. We must make sure the techniques we choose at that present moment will be effective, because we may not get a second chance.

Personal safety self-defense techniques are not supposed to be fancy or impressive. When you are fighting for your life, looking good is the same as looking badly damaged if not dead. Looking good should be the farthest thing from your mind. If an opportunity to bite is available, then bite! If there’s an opportunity to gauge the eye, then gauge the eye! It is a “tool” we use to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Some tools are not the most beautiful, but they are very effective at what they do. It should be executed and delivered in ways that will maximize your chances of survival…maximize your chances of survival!

Personal Safety is not a game. It is very serious. You are using it to defend yourself and/or your loved ones. All techniques should be practiced in ways that resemble real-life attacks. Techniques that have the best chance of stopping the attacker and that will work to the best of your ability. There is no second chance when a serious attack occurs. The techniques you choose must inflict tremendous pain onto your attacker for you to escape. It does not matter what technique you use, as long as it stops the attacker, or at the very least allows you to get away.

WE are worth defending because WE are worth it!

The Art of Personal Safety is NOT about FAIRNESS, it is about SURVIVAL.


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