The Art of Personal Safety Sessions


The Art of Personal Safety Sessions

Bringing [Your] Life into Focus

The Art of Personal Safety contains 6 sessions. Each session is two hours long covering the following 6 Core Disciplines of the Art of Personal Safety. 

These sessions take a Life Coaching Strategies approach to training the Art of Personal Safety. Most of the sessions are 1:1 held in the comforts of your own living space. Nothing compares to the individualization of a 1:1 personal safety training session. The approach gives the participant the all inclusive attention and focus, which allow for more time and freedom to learn what is important to them. This also allow both the participant and the trainer to move forward beyond physical defensive techniques. Knowing the personal safety techniques are not enough. We have to know when and how to APPLY them for them to be beneficial.

6 Core Disciplines of the Art of Personal Safety

art of personal safety breathing

1. Mindful Breathing

Breathing is Life

When we train ourselves to be mindful of our breathing, we develop a system of consciousness that resonates throughout our physical bodies

art of personal safety stretching

2. Mind & Body Stretching

Flexibility of Life

In an environment that is unpredictable we have to develop flexibility and adaptability in our areas of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

art of personal safety circle of defense

3. Circle of Defense

Communicating Boundaries

Our Personal Circle is about respecting ourselves and other people. The ones who enter our personal boundaries are those we give our permission to.

3A of the art of personal safety

4. 3 A's of Personal Safety

Learning Mindfulness

The 3A’s of the art of personal safety is to never find or put ourselves in a situation where we cannot control.

3V of the art of personal safety

5. 3 V's of Personal Safety

Learning Behaviors

All living and non-living things make up our environment. There will always be potential dangers among us.

4P of the art of personal safety

6. 4 P's of Personal Safety

Knowledge is NOT Wisdom

Knowledge without wisdom are intentions without action. Without physical application it’s useless.